Erin Myers

Owner, Instructor, Teacher Trainer

Erin Myers is a leading name in the Pilates industry and the Founder of Spiral Spine, a series of resources designed to inspire, inform, and ignite the scoliosis world. She is the author and creator of several products including the book The Beautiful Scoliotic Back and exercise DVD Hard Core Scoli.

Spiral Spine Pilates, the second Pilates studio Erin has established in the Nashville, TN area, allows Erin to actively pursue her passion of helping those with scoliosis through the practice of Pilates.

Erin’s teaching philosophy is simple: enrich people’s lives through anatomically correct movement. Her unrelenting mission to find the root cause of movement dysfunction combined with a light-hearted and understandable teaching style draws in devoted clients young and old.

Erin began her career as a professional dancer with the Radio City Rockettes and was trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration. She is a Master Instructor for Balanced Body Education, is a Pilates teacher trainer and is Level 2 Certified in the GYROTONIC® Method. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship from Pace University in NYC (Cum Laude), along with certifications by the American Council on Exercise and the Pilates Method Alliance.


Lisa Kelly


Lisa Kelly has been working in the fitness industry in California as an instructor/ trainer for over 19 years. She has experience working with clients recovering from back, hip and knee surgeries, clients seeking relief from acute and chronic pain, and clients with mild to moderate mechanical imbalances in need of strengthening and realignment. She has also worked with athletes and elite athletes desiring to enhance and improve individual sport performance. She enjoys working with clients in groups and individually to create length and strength along with helping to develop a deeper sense of movement awareness and mind-body connection. Most recently, Lisa has been dedicated to teaching Pilates mat, reformer and reformer/apparatus classes. She has been teaching in private studios in the San Francisco Bay Area/East Bay for over three years.

Lisa began her Balanced Body Pilates training at Absolute Center in Lafayette, California, and completed her training at Turning Point Studios in Walnut Creek, California. Along with her Balanced Body University training, Lisa holds national certifications in personal training, USWFA water fitness, Precision Cycling, TRX, and The American Council on Exercise.

She delivers a balanced Pilates workout with emphasis on flexibility and strength. Having recovered from joint and soft tissue injuries along with cervical stenosis, Lisa is sensitive to the need for modifications throughout Pilates practice as needed. Lisa’s philosophy: Every day brings new opportunity to move beyond limitations into a world of possibilities.

Lisa is enthusiastic about beginning her new life here in Tennessee with her husband and daughter. In addition to her passion for Pilates, she enjoys being outdoors gardening, hiking, and kayaking.


Elisha Curb


Elisha Curb is a trained Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Jazz instructor. She has over 14 years’ experience teaching around the Nashville area. She owned her own dance studio for 10 years and is currently teaching at Ensworth School and the Ford Ice Center. In 2007 she received a Certificate in Dance Studies from Vanderbilt University and prior to that danced with MTSU.

Elisha’s love for teaching the arts inspired her to better understanding the body and how it can have maximum functionality. Elisha began Studying Pilates with Balance Body Education under Erin Myers. Pilates has become a passion of hers and has seen it improve dancers’ movement abilities and overall function. As a teacher, choreographer and performer she understands and appreciates the importance of increasing strength and flexibility correctly. She believes Pilates is a way to prolong the life of a dancer and help everyone live better.

Along with teaching, she loves running, hiking, biking and horseback riding. She has hopes to help everyone reach their own personal goals for living the life they desire.


Mary Grace Lipsomb


Mary Grace, a Nashville-Native, is a Balanced Body certified instructor whose focus is to reintegrate mind and body. Drawn to the fluid, gentle, and strength-building nature of Pilates, she found in it an expression of the body founded in acceptance while recognizing its ability to heal.

Over a decade ago, Mary Grace discovered Pilates after looking for a workout that not only strengthened her body, but also strengthened her breathing after dealing with asthma her whole life. Not only did she discover a healthier version of herself, but she also discovered that Pilates could be a way to address and alleviate many ailments. After being a student for so many years, she decided that Pilates was a lifestyle to her and decided to become a teacher, studying under Erin Myers.

Outside of the studio, you’ll find Mary Grace hiking with her dogs, rock-climbing, or most likely traveling with her husband. Her main focus is sharing that a Pilates practice can better the body for whatever hobby or lifestyle you have or want. In her classes, expect to reestablish the link between breath and movement, leaving with a sense of strength and stability.

GYROTONIC® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® sales corp and is used with their permission.


Pilates is better than Starbucks in the morning.

– Donny M.

The instructors rock! As a runner, I never stretched properly and Pilates has helped me to balance my body and in turn make me a better, stronger runner. Whenever I walk out of a Pilates class I feel taller, longer, and stronger!

– Heather G.

Erin has a wealth of knowledge about scoliosis and is able to break it down into understandable pieces for those with scoliosis, as well as those working with scoliotic clients.

– Prue A.
Certified Pilates Instructor, London, England

I am much more aware of my body moving throughout the day. My body is definitely more toned and feels stronger. I also like how individualized the instruction is – even within a group class. Whether it is the focus on the muscles, the stretching, the extensions, or following what my body is telling me in terms of how hard to push or how far to stretch. Something just clicked and I have virtually been addicted to Pilates ever since.

– Felice A.

Erin Myers educates those with scoliosis and their parents with a personal, heartfelt touch that every parent needs at such an emotional time. She’s made such a positive impact in our lives and has helped both of my teenage daughters manage their scoliosis with grace and confidence.

– Ginny S.
Mother of two daughters with scoliosis

I was surprised at how quickly I saw results. It’s definitely worth the investment. You don’t feel like you’re working out because it’s so fun!

– Shannon R.

My body has been transformed by doing Pilates. Now that I’m expecting baby #2, I am continuing Pilates every week. I feel strong despite all of the changes my body is going through.

– Julie Y.

I wanted to thank Erin for her incredible instruction and for igniting in me a passion for Pilates. She’s one of the best instructors I’ve learned under (across all fitness categories).

– Joanna P.

Erin is hilarious, yet focused and wonderfully responsive with feedback.  And it is especially rewarding to see results in just one session!

– Eva E.

Erin has a very warm personality and is very passionate in her education of others. I learned more helpful information about my scoliosis in the first 30 minutes of being with Erin than I have in my entire lifetime.

– Maria W.