Starting in 2019, Balanced Body will be adding two new courses to the Teacher Training program: Movement Principles and Mat 3. These courses will help round out the training program, ensuring all trainees receive substantive instruction on the founding principles of Pilates as well as how to integrate props into lessons. Any teacher trainees who haven’t started their training prior to 2019 will be required to take both new courses. However, they are recommended for everyone.

At Spiral Spine Pilates we are taking advantage of these curriculum changes and making some exciting ones of our own. Starting in 2019, training weekends will now start on Thursday or Friday and end on Sunday. With the added courses we aimed to keep the number of required weekends to a minimum (only six) while still making the program accessible to those working full time or traveling from out of town.

In addition, teacher training courses will be rearranged to create outstanding comprehensive teachers. Each semester will begin with Anatomy and Movement Principles. The training weekends will then alternate between a long weekend of Reformer and Mat and one on the specialty apparatuses. By intertwining the Mat, Reformer, and Equipment trainings students will understand how to create private lessons earlier in their studies, instead of waiting until the end to learn this concept. As a result, SSP trainees will spend more of their practice hours composing comprehensive lessons, one of the most challenging skills to master, and also can be hired earlier.

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