Spiral Spine, the newly-created health and fitness resource for the scoliosis community, has announced the release of its first exercise DVD, Hard Core Scoli: a 40 minute home workout designed for those with scoliosis. Hard Core Scoli is available via DVD on Amazon.

Led by Certified Pilates instructor, scoliosis expert and founder of Spiral Spine, Erin Myers, Hard Core Scoli is a challenging workout designed to increase core strength and improve overall body alignment – key components for anyone, but particularly those with scoliosis. Scoliosis is defined as a lateral bending curvature of the spine of 10 degrees or more.

“I’m constantly asked if people with scoliosis should exercise, and the answer is YES!,” says Myers. “A mobile body is a happy body, and this workout will teach you how to get the maximum overall benefit from increasing your core strength and improving your body alignment. Whether you want to break a sweat or learn more about your individual body and how your scoli responds to exercise, this workout is for you!”

Hard Core Scoli includes seated and standing floor work, and teaches a variety of modifications for participants of varying levels. Hard Core Scoli is the first in a planned series of exercise videos, joining a growing product line of resources for the scoliosis community, including the book The Beautiful Scoliotic Back; The Scoliometer by Spiral Spine app; and the upcoming, My Scoli Journal.


About Spiral Spine:

Spiral Spine is the leading, health and fitness resource providing inspiration and information on ways to thrive emotionally and physically with scoliosis.  Founded by Certified Pilates instructor and former Radio City Rockette Erin Myers, who was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, Spiral Spine offers a series of online and product resources to help the scoliosis community better manage their scoli.


3 thoughts on “Hard Core Scoli Exercise DVD

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  1. Dr. Clayton Stitzel 4 years ago

    This is an interesting way to appeal to a niche market.
    I feel a strong disclaimer stating that this workout program is not intended or expected to halt curve progression or reduce the spinal curvature is probably in order.

    1. Erin Myers 4 years ago

      Yes. As you suggest, Hard Core Scoli is not intended or expected to halt curve progression or automatically reduce spinal curvature, and the workout is not billed as such. What this workout can do is increase core strength, and improve and increase awareness of overall body alignment – critical components for anyone with scoliosis. Through proper movement and exercise, I have personally seen decreases in clients’ curvatures, but yes, there are no guarantees.

      If you¹d like a copy of the DVD to review, email me directly at
      info@spiralspine.com. Your feedback is welcomed.

      1. Dr. Clayton Stitzel 4 years ago

        Hi Erin,
        Thank you for the clarification and response. The text in the information promoting your DVD “improving your body alignment” could be misconstrued by many to believe workouts targeting extrinsic spinal muscles will have a “straightening” effect on their spinal curvature, which is obviously not the case.