I am thrilled with the growing team at Spiral Spine Pilates and am excited for you to meet Elisha Curb.


Elisha is a trained Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Jazz instructor. She has over 14 years’ experience teaching around the Nashville area. She owned her own dance studio for 10 years and is currently teaching at Ensworth School and the Ford Ice Center. In 2007 she received a Certificate in Dance Studies from Vanderbilt University and prior to that danced with MTSU.

Elisha’s love for teaching the arts inspired her to better understanding the body and how it can have maximum functionality.  Elisha began Studying Pilates with Balance Body Education under Erin Myers. Pilates has become a passion of hers and has seen it improve dancers’ movement abilities and overall function. As a teacher, choreographer and performer she understands and appreciates the importance of increasing strength and flexibility correctly. She believes Pilates is a way to prolong the life of a dancer and help everyone live better.

Along with teaching, she loves running, hiking, biking and horseback riding. She has hopes to help everyone reach their own personal goals for living the life they desire.

Welcome to the team, Elisha!


Enjoy Elisha’s 3 favorite at-home exercises:

1. Transversus Activation:
Start on all fours with wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Find a nice neutral spinal position. Allow your belly to hang down without arching your back or releasing your neutral spinal position. Pull the belly back in feeling the transversus (the deepest abdominal muscles) engage without moving the spine. Once you’ve engaged your transversus, try and hold it while taking three deep breaths. Get this guy working to help support your spine throughout the day and create a nice firm tummy.

elisha1      elisha2

2. Toe taps:
Lie on your back, put your spine into neutral spinal alignment, and bring your legs to table top. Put your hands on your hips to make sure they remain still and bring your legs up to table top position. Without allowing any movement in the hips, tap one toe at a time on the ground (or close to it). Your goal is for your belly to stay in and actively held while keeping your hips still. This is a great way to get the transversus working and to find proper alignment in action.

elisha3     elisha5

3. Cat/Cow:
I do this exercise daily to get my spine moving. Start on all fours and allow your spine to drop to the ground while your head and rear end aim to the ceiling. Reverse that and have your spine round to the ceiling while your head and rear end point toward the floor. Do this a few times allowing the movement to expand and tension to release. This is so healthy for the spine and feels great. If you have a back injury, osteoporosis, or have had back surgery skip this exercise or proceed with caution.

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