I am thrilled to introduce another amazing instructors that’s apart of the Spiral Spine Pilates’ teaching staff, Emily Barbee.

Emily became a certified Pilates instructor at the age of eighteen, just prior to moving to NYC to train with the American Ballet Theatre and Joffrey Ballet School for two years. In 2009, soon after returning to Nashville, she suffered a spinal injury that resulted in a significant increase in her scoliosis, multiple relapses, and disintegrating hopes for a career in dance. The next year she providentially discovered Balanced Body University, and under the mentorship of Erin Myers and Jennifer McNamara, became fully certified in their approach to rehabilitative training and anatomical application. She has since become a ‘Master Instructor’ with Balanced Body Education, and looks forward to sharing the incredible experience of Pilates with future instructors, who will develop their clients in a safe and effective way towards health.

Her personal restoration fuels her profound empathy and intuitive insights for those in pain, and she has experienced great fulfillment in inspiring hope, strength, and joy through movement in her clients. Her exuberance, mastery of technique, and deep faith in our bodies capacity to heal are essential elements in the training she provides.

3 Everyday Core Exercises


Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Align the knees and toes to face forward. Inhale fully and press the feet deeply into the floor to lift the hips into the air. At the top of your bridge, gently pull the glutes toward your heels, as if you could sway yourself forward on the mat. This allows a delicious length to occur through the spine and creates more work for the hamstrings.Exhale and melt the spine down to the floor, rolling down one vertebra at a time. Repeat 10x.

**Extra Challenge: Try single leg bridging! Extend one leg toward the ceiling while keeping the supporting knee stable, and both hip points even. Yowza.


Bird Dog:

Start in an all 4’s position, with the hands beneath the shoulders and the knees beneath the hips. Find a neutral position throughout the back and gently draw the abdominals in on all sides as if you’re tightening a thick corset around the waistline. Draw the tops of the shoulders down away from the ears, and extend the right arm forward (palm facing in to keep shoulders happiest) and the left leg back. Hold for a few counts, then switch sides.

Imagine you are in between two bowling alley bumpers, try your very best not the bump side to side as you switch!

**Extra challenge: Perhaps try same arm as leg… and then pat yourself on the back.



Lie on your stomach with the hands beneath the shoulders and the elbows gently clipped back toward the ribs. Draw your belly button toward the spine as if lifting it off of an ice cube, lengthen through the crown of the head and inhale as you begin to gently open of the chest up, with the eyes continually looking to the floor. Do not rely on the hands to press you up… instead “lighten” the weight of the hands and ask the upper back muscles to perform the movement. Exhale to release down with control and repeat. If the low back experiences discomfort, draw the abdominals more deeply toward the spine, and limit your range.

**Extra Challenge:
Try this while floating the hands off of the floor… don’t let those feet leave the floor! This is a true challenge for the back extensors. Rest and relax by wobbling the hips side to side.


Enjoy the exercises!