SSP’s staff is growing again! We are pleased to have Kate Fleming joining us.

Kate has been practicing Pilates for over 20 years. She originally started Pilates to rehab her neck and shoulder. However, she quickly fell in love with the creative routine of the workouts and the balance between strength and flexibility she achieved with Pilates. Over the years she’s practiced Pilates to develop shoulder stability and decrease neck pain, develop core strength and increase flexibility, become a faster runner, and recover from the birth of her son.

Becoming a new parent seemed like the perfect time to start the Pilates career she had been dreaming of. Kate completed the Balanced Body training program under the direction of Erin Myers. She can’t wait to help clients achieve their personal Pilates goals and find the same mental and physical balance she has developed.

Welcome to Spiral Spine, Kate!

Shoulder Relief at the End of the Workday
By Kate Fleming

Before becoming a parent, I worked a typical 40-hour-a-week desk job. I hunched over the computer, like many do, and my neck and shoulders felt terrible by the end of the day. When I had my son, and left the desk job, I thought my days of neck and shoulder strain were over. How wrong I was! Whether I’m carrying my son or crawling around on the floor with him, I’m still putting a lot of strain on my shoulders.

I believe most of us ask a lot of our upper body throughout the day. So, no matter what demands you make of your shoulders and neck, I hope you will join me in practicing my favorite exercises to release these areas. I do them most evenings and they leave me feeling straighter and waking up happier the next day.


(on the floor or cadillac)
This mobility exercise helps get my shoulders and spine moving, often after a long day of being stuck in the same position. It’s simple but feels great. On the cadillac, or any other surface where your arm hangs off — like your bed — you can get a nice pec stretch in too.







Swan (on the floor or any piece of equipment)
I love swan simply for the back extension, the reverse of what so many of us spend our days doing. I focus on peeling each vertebrae off the floor, and not hinging in my back, to get the full benefit of this exercise.






Circle Saw (on the cadillac)
This is probably my favorite exercise because it moves the spine in all directions and alerts me to any stiff spots I want to spend more time on. An added bonus is the hamstring stretch you get with it.





Spine Stretch (on the floor, chair, or cadillac)
I do spine stretch at home almost every day because it helps me get movement through my upper back. It also helps me focus on good posture since you start sitting up straight in the exercise. My favorite place to do this one is on the chair because the weight of the pedal provides cervical traction that feels oh so good.


I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!