It’s official! As of today, the Scoliometer by Spiral Spine app is available through the App Store on iTunes. It can be found on the App Store on any Apple device.

The Scoliometer by Spiral Spine gives users the ability to measure their ribcage and vertebral rotation from the comfort of their own home. With regular use of the app, users can determine which therapies help decrease their spinal rotation.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The person being measured will stand up straight with their back to the person doing the measuring.
  2. With the application open, the person measuring will hold the mobile device landscape with their thumbs under the screen, (the screen should be perpendicular to the floor with the back of the device facing the back that will be measured).
  3. Wait until the phone is level and the scoliometer reading is at zero.
  4. Have the person measuring place their thumbs (with the device in hand) on either side of the spine beginning at the base of the neck—the reading should still be at zero.
  5. Have the person being measured slowly bend forward with their hands reaching toward the floor.
  6. The person with the mobile device will apply even pressure with their thumbs down the spine, noting the measurements on the scoliometer as they rise and fall, as the device moves down the back. The highest number will be used as the degree of rotation.

With such accurate results, doctors can use it along with home users to build more custom therapies. Users can track their previous results to show changes over time by saving a screen shot of the scoliometer at the highest degree of curvature.

Not sure if you have scoliosis? Use the app to find out if your spine has rotation. If the readings show spine rotation, make an appointment with your doctor to confirm if scoliosis is present.

Try the app for yourself and give us your feedback!