Untwisting Scoli: Maya
Scoliosis Education

Untwisting Scoli: Maya

Expand your grasp of scoliosis and all it's complexities with Untwisting Scoli: Maya.  This video is a part of the Scoliosis Education by Spiral Spine series which integrates scoliosis medical research into real-life, proactive exercises that can be done at home or with a Pilates practitioner to help those living with scoliosis. Highlights from this 50 minute video include:

* Tips to unwinding scoliosis using movement.

* Scoli analysis methods that will teach you to correctly identify scoliosis and apply corrective techniques.

* Step-by-step instructions on creating an exercise session for a child or teenager with scoliosis that engages the mind and motivates them to work out and do corrective exercises.

Don't be a victim to a scoliosis diagnosis.  Get the knowledge you need to initiate the change you want to see in your body.  You can decrease your quality of life by knowing which movements will help your individual scoliosis, and Untwisting Scoli: Maya can show you how.

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Untwisting Scoli: Maya

Untwisting Scoli: Maya
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