Please join us this June for Spiral Spine’s most extensive scoliosis workshop to date, Analyzing Scoliosis, taught by Spiral Spine Pilates founder Erin Myers. Erin is a Balanced Body Master Instructor and former Radio City Rockette, trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration. She is a Balanced Body Education Teacher Trainer, is Level 2 Certified in the GYROTONIC® Method, and is certified by the American Council on Exercise and Pilates Method Alliance.

Erin also has scoliosis.

Like many other young, female dancers, Erin was diagnosed as a teenager and was told to “watch and wait” to see if the scoli got any worse. She went on to dance professionally with the Rockettes where she began to experience excruciating knee pain. She soon turned to Pilates for relief, and her life’s passion began to take form – helping those with scoliosis through the practice of Pilates.

Workshop Details
Saturday, June 16
9 am – 4 pm: Workshop, with one-hour break for lunch
Cost: $295

This hands-on, six-hour workshop will teach you how to identify and analyze spinal curvatures and rotation, assess overall alignment, and create effective exercises for individual clients. You will learn to diagram a client’s scoliosis, use a scoliometer, perform a hands-on pelvic and spinal assessment, and practice methods to track your client’s spinal progress long-term.

Current scoliosis medical research, which reinforces the benefits of movement for scoliosis, is taught and put into practice by creatively intertwining it with Pilates exercises and concepts. You’ll learn Erin’s analysis process and exercises for mobilizing and strengthening the spine, which will help you to reduce a client’s pain and discomfort, allowing them to live their life to the fullest. Erin will also address the emotional aspects of scoli, giving you the tools to educate and inspire your clients. You can register on our website, and we look forward to seeing you in June!


  1. Learn to safely and effectively work with clients with all forms of scoliosis, including those with spinal fusions
  2. Identify the primary characteristics of scoliosis and the movement challenges they can present
  3. Mobilize and strengthen the spine to allow for a more neutral alignment
  4. Increase clients’ proprioception
  5. Integrate scoliosis clients into a group class setting

To maximize your time during the workshop, you are highly encouraged to download the Scoliometer by Spiral Spine app (iOS & Android) to your mobile device prior to arriving at the studio. Please bring your phone to the workshop, so you can learn to measure scoliosis while onsite.

In order to receive PMA or ACE credit, you will need to submit a petition accordingly and pay any associated fees. We will provide all supporting information and materials.


4 thoughts on “Six-hour scoliosis workshop coming this June

  1. Denise DAVIS 9 months ago

    It sound great . Iam 66 years old and I found out I had Scoliosis in my early thirties . I have always worked out and kept my weight down. I have been diagnosed with a 46 decree curve. I started doing yoga for Scoliosis about 7 years ago with ELise Browning Miller a renown teacher all over. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis in her late twenties . He Father was stationed in India where she learned this method of practicing Yoga for Scoliosis with the Yoga master B.K.S.Iyengar. It helped to correct her curvature. So she made it her life to help others like me. I was doing good until myhusband got really sick and my curve starting getting worse and now I have a hump
    On my left side. I have been fightIng putting In a rod for years and still do not want one. I can get in the floor and do a few moves of Yoga and it helps the pain. I was 5’8” in college . I am now 5’4 and a half. I need some place closer to go . ELISE is in San Francisco and I was going to as many of her workshops closer to Alabama where I live. Then I just started doing it on my own with her tapes everyday , but I really need help to get myself lined back up . I have been reading about the Stroth Method and ordered the piece to work on but they sent no instructions . Your work shop sounds just like what I need to get back on track. Even thought I am shorter I still weigh
    124 but my waist line now makes me look larger because that is where I have lost my height . You could hardly tell I had Scoliosis until it got to a 36 degree curve. Is it to late to decrease my curve ?

    1. Erin Myers 9 months ago

      Hi Denise,
      First off, it’s never too late to love on your scoli. I actually received a phone call from an 85 year old woman yesterday who has studied under many different people and is ready to add Pilates into her weekly routine. I had to giggle. I have many clients in their 70s who see me weekly for scoli lessons. So, no, it’s not too late for you.

      I know of Elise’s work, have her book, and actually have clients who have trained under her and combine what they learned from her with Pilates at my studio. As I tell all my scoli clients, you can gain great tools from so many different people that teach on scoli. The more people you learn from, the more tools you’ll have in your scoli tool chest. I have many clients that come up from Alabama, so you’ll just hop on the interstate with them. I’d love to see you at the workshop and think it would be a great way to add some tools to your tool chest. I can give you excersises for the Schroth ladder that you purchased too. I hope to see you in a few weeks at Spiral Spine Pilates.


  2. Karen S. Feigh 10 months ago

    Erin,y daughter has scoliosis and had surgery when she was 10. She is now almost 20 and studying to be a nurse. I would love to find a sciolosis pilates near her that she could attend. She is located near Dayton , Ohio. Any suggestions?

    1. Erin Myers 10 months ago

      I actually just booked this workshop at Fitness Physique by Nico G, a great Pilates studio near Cincinnati, OH for November. I don’t know of any instructors off hand, but know it would be GREAT for your daughter to come to the workshop in November. She could figure out how to work with her own scoli and also meet a potential teacher there. The staff at the studio should know of a good studio near you. I hope to meet you daughter in November! Blessings, Erin Myers