Spiral Spine Pilates Coming Soon!

If you haven’t heard the exciting news, I’ll be opening Spiral Spine Pilates, a group, private, and teacher training Pilates studio in the Nashville, TN area very soon. My husband brought me out for a date lunch for some Vietnamese pho on Friday, August 19th and we chatted about what we felt the Lord had in store for Spiral Spine next. Within 30 minutes of sitting down with our delicious soup he had me convinced it was time for me to open another brick and mortar Pilates studio. Spiral Spine Pilates was birthed.side-plank2

The reason I tell you the exact day of our lunch date is to show you how quickly Spiral Spine Pilates has coming into existence. It has been almost exactly one month since its birth and construction on the leased studio space is almost half done! To say that my life has been insane over the last month is an understatement, hence why no new blog posts have gone up. I am building the airplane as it’s taking off the ground. This isn’t the first Pilates studio I’ve started from scratch. I know what needs to get done, but there are still a million things to do in a very short period of time.

The soft launch of the studio will be in November when a handful of teachers will have groups and privates on the books. The official opening of the studio will be in January when tons of groups and privates will be on the books. Spiral Spine Pilates has already been given the privilege of being an Authorized Training Center for Balanced Body Education. Pilates Mat, Reformer, and full Pilates Instructor certifications start in January. The entire 2017 schedule is planned out and registration can start very soon.

Keep up with the studio build-out, new Spiral Spine Pilates teachers, and full group and teacher training schedule on social media. Keep an eye out for lots of changes to too, where the info for Spiral Spine Pilates will also be housed.

Now, even though Spiral Spine Pilates is for all bodies (not just those with scoliosis) for all of you scoli people around the world, don’t jump ship! I have tons of amazing stuff in store for you. It’s funny actually, I bought all this really nice video, audio, and lighting equipment to start taping Scoliosis Education by Spiral Spine webinars. I taped my first 45-minute teaching workout video with a long-time scoli client the day before she we off to college. That was exactly one week before my husband convinced me to open Spiral Spine Pilates. My life went from writing scripts to writing teacher contracts in a matter of a week! The first webinar has been taped, so once it’s edited I will send out info on when it’s live on I hope to have many webinars done within the next six months (many scripts are already written). I also have a new book in the works for Pilates instructors on how to work with their scoliosis clients. Like what I said, lots of great things are in store.

The hardest part of the next few months for me will be keeping my own spiral spine happy. I’ve caught myself hanging from every door-jam I pass to get spinal traction. Stay tuned as the airplane takes off the ground!

Erin Myers

Spiral Spine Pilates

7020 Church Street E #7 and 8
Brentwood, TN 37027