“I put straight lines into your body with my hands” – Jo Justian

Jo Justian is a structural integrator who works on my spiraling fascia each month. In fact, I consider her part of my Nashville practitioner scoli dream team.

Jo has been an integral part in unwinding my spine for the past few years. As I reference in the Starting Point Videos, it’s extremely important to find a manual practitioner in your area to work on your body every month. Jo is one of my local manual practitioners.


Structural integration is different from massage in many ways, such as:

-I wear a sports bra and shorts into my sessions

-I actively “work” rather than relax. I’m reaching my body in one direction while she’s pushing my fascia in another

-We go through multiple positions in order to open up my body. In my most recent session with Jo, I laid on my stomach, back, both sides (with a few different leg and arm positions) and I sat up straight. Following each position, she had me stand up so she could assess her work on my body

Here are before and after pictures of my body when Jo worked on my fascia:


Before my structural integration massage


After my structural integration massage


Notice how much length she put into my back between my sports bra and my shorts. Also check out the changes she made to my right shoulder blade. I was a bit of a scoli mess going into our session so she had a lot that she had to fix.




Her skilled hands worked some much needed, unwinding magic. My body got to breathe a sigh of relief from having straight lines and space put into it. Ahhh. Thanks Jo!


Jo Justian’s extensive skill set makes her one of the most sought-after massage therapists in Middle Tennessee. As a graduate in Health and Fitness, a former personal trainer and a former competitive body builder, Jo’s been practicing massage since 1993 as an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration, bringing a mastery of the human body to her massage practice. Jo’s lifelong commitment to health and wellness informs her therapeutic technique with a wisdom and intuition that allows her to make a significant impact on each client’s total wellness.
Trained in a variety of modalities, Structural Integration and connective tissue being two, Jo is capable of helping others obtain better health through bodywork.


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