Prevent Back Pain at Your Desk

Do you suffer from back pain? Millions of people do, and unfortunately, pain medication won't help you in the long run. As you start to take control of your health and your body, let's examine how you spend the majority of your day - most likely you're sitting at a desk, for extended periods of time. Now, let's talk about where this back pain is stemming from. Picture the human skeleton in your head. Note the skull, the ribcage beneath it, below that is the lower spine or the lumbar vertebrae, and then below that is the pelvis.

Scoliosis Early Detection Screenings

I’m sure your mouth just dropped open in amazement to find out I’m not thrilled about early detection screenings. Well, I guess that’s not the total truth. Under the current system, I think it may do more harm than good to find out you have scoli if you are simply told to “watch and wait”. So you’re sent home with a sheet of paper from the school nurse telling your parents you have scoliosis. Your parents immediately freak out and rush to the pediatrician who then sends you to an orthopedist who again confirms you have scoliosis. He either gives you the therapy of “watch and wait” (i.e. do nothing, let your scoliosis get worse, so then he can do a huge, unnecessary surgery and put rods and screws in your back) or prescribes a hard plastic brace for you to wear. Unfortunately not all braces are created equal and most run-of-the-mill braces don’t produce positive results. Even if it does halt the scoli from progressing, the emotional harm it does on a teenager is horrible.