Did you know Spiral Spine Pilates is now offering Pilates mat classes? Below, teacher trainer Kate Rothrock shares her top reasons to take a mat class.

1. Break up your routine. Reformer/tower classes are always great, but there’s nothing like a different type of class to breathe life into your exercise routine. You’ll get to challenge both your mind and your body as you move through a different sequence and set of exercises.

2. New exercises. While many exercises will be familiar, you are likely to learn new exercises and ways to engage and work muscles as you move your body in different ways. You may even discover another way to perform an old favorite.

3. Get back to basics. Without all the moving parts of a machine, mat is a great way to work on the fundamentals of an exercise. It can also provide you with the opportunity to work through a concept you’ve been struggling with, like scapular stability. However, you will still get a good workout!

4. Props!  Without the reformer’s foot bar or straps to play with, mat classes often integrate lots of props. Rings, balance balls, and Thera-bands may be used and provide exciting challenges that lift the energy of the class as everyone learns something new together.

Come by the studio to take a mat class, and let us know how you liked it in the comment section.