I’d like to introduce you to Spiral Spine Pilates’ newest teacher, Allie Myszka. Allie initially met me on a journalism assignment and quickly realized she was called to be more than a Pilates student. Through her practice and training, Pilates has given her a path to healing and helped her learn to celebrate her body’s capabilities, rather than it’s limitations. You can read her full bio on the staff page and learn about her favorite exercises in her post below.

Welcome to the studio, Allie!


Working Out (and Working Hard!) with a Full Spinal Fusion

When I tell people that I have a spinal fusion and I’m a Pilates instructor, they’re usually confused. “You mean, you can work out with rods and screws in your spine?”


In fact, my body is much happier (and I live with much less pain!) if I work out regularly to strengthen my muscles and keep my joints moving. Pilates has given me a way to exercise and challenge my body while respecting its unique capabilities.

Many classical Pilates exercises can be done with a flat back to protect a fused spine, and I love getting creative to make sure my fused clients (and myself!) have plenty of fun, feel-good exercises that help them love on their bodies. My “spiral spine” may have some extra hardware from my fusion, but that doesn’t stop me from getting an awesome, challenging workout. I’d love to meet you at the studio and help you love on your unique body.

Here are a few of my favorite challenge exercises for bodies with spinal fusions!

Kneeling Abs Front on the Reformer

Faster isn’t always better! The slower I move in this exercise, the more work I feel in my abdominal muscles. My favorite way to challenge myself in this exercise is to do it with one leg raised behind me. Now we’re REALLY workin’, y’all.



Leg Springs Supine on the Cadillac

I love doing bicycle with the leg springs. Plus, doing scissors this way helps me work my oblique abdominal muscles.




Side Arm Series on the Reformer

When I want to engage my whole body, this is one of my go-to exercises. My core muscles have to work to keep me upright while my arms are getting some serious work.



Flat back Pull Ups on the Chair

I can never get enough ab work—I love it! This move makes me feel like I’m defying gravity.




Whether you’ve got hardware in your spine or not, come meet me at the studio! Let’s find your new favorite moves to make your body happy and strong.