Starting in February, Pilates instructor Amy Butler will join Erin Myers in co-teaching Spiral Spine Pilates’ Teacher Training modules.

Amy and Erin met nine years ago when Amy registered for Balanced Body Teacher Training at Erin’s first studio in Nashville. After completing her training, Amy began teaching alongside Erin at the studio. They had a lot in common – from having scoliosis to being fellow anatomy nerds, constantly intrigued and amazed by the human body. In fact, it seems these commonalities have intertwined their paths in fun and interesting ways over the years.

After Erin started a family, sold her first studio, and moved to Brentwood, Amy continued teaching in Nashville. Amy’s wanderlust eventually led her and her husband on a short-term move to Florida and later on an extended road trip across the country, but she always landed back in Nashville. Amy and Erin’s paths would cross again when Amy attended Erin’s first scoliosis workshop. Later, they worked together on Erin’s first book, The Beautiful Scoliotic Back, spending a lot of time together poring over research and medical journals. By the time Erin opened Spiral Spine Pilates and began offering Balanced Body Teacher Training at the studio, Amy was opening her own studio in Nashville. They kept in touch through the busy times and congratulated each other’s adventures and successes.

Recently, their Pilates paths have crossed once again. With Erin’s Teacher Training program booming, it seemed natural for Amy to join Erin as a Master Instructor at Spiral Spine Pilates. Through nine years and many moves and transitions, Pilates has connected and reconnected these two women. They’ve shared clients, studio space, and a heart for teaching the body and mind. And now, Amy and Erin are excited to teach alongside each other again, bringing together their combined experience to help grow the local Pilates community.

Welcome to the studio, Amy!


Amy’s Pilates Journey
Amy was introduced to Pilates in 2000 while living in Virginia, where her husband was stationed with the Navy. While juggling working at a domestic violence shelter with her husband’s Naval deployments, she began looking for a way to relieve stress and keep her body healthy and moving. Pilates was the answer! After Amy and her husband moved back home to Tennessee, she continued her Pilates practice and completed her comprehensive teacher training with Balanced Body in 2010. With a background in psychology, she deeply appreciates how Pilates can transform bodies through meaningful, mind-body centered movement. Years of collaborative work with bodywork professionals and manual therapists, along with personal experience, has reinforced her belief in the significance of Pilates for balanced strength, injury recovery, and overall health. By sharing her love of Pilates, she strives to empower others to take charge of their health and well-being.

In addition to being the proud co-founder of Nashville Pilates Company, Amy is a PMA certified Pilates teacher and holds a BA in Psychology from Western Kentucky University.