Erin Myers

Owner of Spiral Spine, Director of Spiral Spine Pilates, Instructor, Teacher Trainer

Erin Myers is a leading name in the Pilates industry and the Founder of Spiral Spine, a series of resources designed to inspire, inform, and ignite the scoliosis world. She is the author and creator of several products including the book The Beautiful Scoliotic Back and exercise DVD Hard Core Scoli.

Spiral Spine Pilates, the second Pilates studio Erin has established in the Nashville, TN area, allows Erin to actively pursue her passion of helping those with scoliosis through the practice of Pilates.

Erin’s teaching philosophy is simple: enrich people’s lives through anatomically correct movement. Her unrelenting mission to find the root cause of movement dysfunction combined with a light-hearted and understandable teaching style draws in devoted clients young and old.

Erin began her career as a professional dancer with the Radio City Rockettes and was trained in Pilates at the Kane School of Core Integration. She is a Master Instructor for Balanced Body Education, is a Pilates teacher trainer and is Level 2 Certified in the GYROTONIC® Method. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Entrepreneurship from Pace University in NYC (Cum Laude), along with certifications by the American Council on Exercise and the Pilates Method Alliance.


Amy Butler

Teacher Trainer

Amy was introduced to Pilates in 2000 while living in Virginia, where her husband was stationed with the Navy. While juggling her work at a domestic violence shelter and her husband’s Naval deployments, she began looking for a way to relieve stress and keep her body moving and healthy. Pilates was the answer! After Amy and her husband moved back home to Tennessee, she continued her Pilates practice and in 2010 completed her comprehensive training with Balanced Body to become an instructor. With a background in psychology, she deeply appreciates how Pilates can transform bodies through meaningful, mind-body centered movement. Years of collaborative work with bodywork professionals and manual therapists, along with personal experience, has reinforced for Amy the significance of Pilates for balanced strength, injury recovery, and overall health. By sharing her love of Pilates, she strives to empower others to take charge of their health and well-being.

In addition to being the proud co-founder of Nashville Pilates Company, Amy is a PMA certified Pilates teacher and holds a BA in Psychology from Western Kentucky University.


Lisa Chader


Lisa Chader is an entertainment PR professional with experience in a variety of athletics – dance, gymnastics and cheerleading – as a participant, competitor, coach and judge. Several years ago, she was introduced to Erin Myers who helped her discover Pilates as a way to help relieve her chronic hip and back pain. Lisa was inspired by Erin’s passion for Pilates and her commitment to helping those with scoliosis, so much so that the two began working together to launch Spiral Spine – a series of resources designed to educate and support the scoliosis community. After two books, a workout DVD, a website, a studio launch and countless Pilates lessons, Lisa woke up one morning and decided to be a Pilates teacher (Erin wasn’t surprised)! She soon thereafter went through Spiral Spine’s comprehensive Balanced Body Pilates teacher training program with Erin.

Lisa believes that Pilates is the perfect example of “mind, body awareness,” and aims to help others from all walks of life, feel their best.


Elisha Curb


Elisha Curb is a trained Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Jazz instructor. She has over 14 years’ experience teaching around the Nashville area. She owned her own dance studio for 10 years and is currently teaching at Ensworth School and the Ford Ice Center. In 2007 she received a Certificate in Dance Studies from Vanderbilt University and prior to that danced with MTSU.

Elisha’s love for teaching the arts inspired her to better understanding the body and how it can have maximum functionality. Elisha began Studying Pilates with Balance Body Education under Erin Myers. Pilates has become a passion of hers and has seen it improve dancers’ movement abilities and overall function. As a teacher, choreographer and performer she understands and appreciates the importance of increasing strength and flexibility correctly. She believes Pilates is a way to prolong the life of a dancer and help everyone live better.

Along with teaching, she loves running, hiking, biking and horseback riding. She has hopes to help everyone reach their own personal goals for living the life they desire.


Kate Fleming

Instructor, Client Care Coordinator

Kate Fleming began taking Pilates over 20 years ago to help with neck and shoulder pain. She quickly developed a passion for it because it helped her live pain free and also improved her dancing, her other lifelong passion. As time went by, Pilates helped Kate become a faster, more stable runner and helped her regain strength post-partum. After becoming a mom, she decided there was no better time to pursue Pilates as a career.

Kate has a degree in human biology from U.Va. and is interested in combining this knowledge with Pilates to help others create strong bodies, so they can move more easily and effectively through all that life demands of them. She enjoys helping clients find the balance between strength and flexibility that Pilates offers and creating creative routines to help them achieve this.

When Kate isn’t at SSP, you’ll find her playing with her son, dancing with her husband, and baking up a storm in her kitchen. She hopes to help clients live strong and pain free lives, so they can pursue their own passions.


Aja Heinrich


Nashville native Aja Heinrich discovered Pilates in an attempt to lose that last bit of post pregnancy weight after having her daughter. She quickly fell in love with the unique workouts that Pilates provided and soon began practicing multiple times a week. Her passion led her to Spiral Spine Pilates where she began Balanced Body’s comprehensive teacher training program under Master Instructor Erin Myers.

Aja feels that Pilates is more than a great way to stay in shape, it’s a way of life. “Pilates truly helps anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle overall,” says Aja. “If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing!”

When she isn’t in the studio, you can find her spending time at Center Hill Lake or with her family and friends


Allie Myszka

Allie Myszka is a Balanced Body comprehensively certified Pilates instructor and a professional writer. After being diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager, Allie underwent a 12-level spinal fusion surgery in 2007. Since then, she has continually pursued new knowledge to help her live a pain-free life and take ownership of her health.

Allie found Pilates and Erin Myers while working on a journalism assignment in Nashville, and has since worked alongside Erin to develop scoliosis related books and resources. Pilates has given her a path to healing and has allowed her to celebrate her body’s unique story and capabilities rather than focusing on its limitations. She hopes to help others experience that same powerful healing through movement so that they, too, can feel at home in their bodies.

Allie holds a Pilates teacher certification from the Pilates Method Alliance as well as a degree in Public Relations from the University of Georgia. When she’s not in the studio, you’ll find her exploring Music City with her husband and their dog, reorganizing her closets, or getting lost in a book.


Jennifer Stark


Jennifer Stark grew up dancing and marching parade routes while twirling batons, despite having scoliosis. About 10 years after her teenage diagnosis, she received a private lesson with Erin Myers as a birthday present to work on her scoliosis and immediately fell in love with Pilates. As she learned to balance her strength and flexibility, the lifelong physical pains stemming from her scoliosis melted away—as did her scoliosis, which is barely noticeable now.

Her passion for Pilates blossomed, and she began the Balanced Body comprehensive Pilates teacher training program at Spiral Spine Pilates. Pilates has gifted Jennifer with a greater understanding of movement and the human body, which she shares with others so they can become empowered and take control of their bodies, just like she did. When Jennifer isn’t teaching Pilates, you’ll find her teaching the marching arts to teenagers.


Aprill Tate


Aprill Tate is a licensed physical therapist and comprehensively trained Pilates instructor. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville followed by a doctorate of physical therapy degree from the University of Tennessee, Memphis.

After she sustained an injury while working as a physical therapist and recovered with the help of Pilates, Aprill quickly saw the benefits of Pilates and fell in love. Soon thereafter, she started her Balanced Body Pilates instructor training. She fuses modern Pilates principles with her physical therapy background to create fun, safe, and empowering environments for her clients.

When Aprill is not in the studio, you can find her at a local rehab center treating patients, cooking at home, or having fun with her husband and son.

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