You may have noticed a new face around the studio lately. It’s our newest teacher, Aja!

After falling in love with Pilates as a student, she sought out Erin Myers and did her Balanced Body training under Erin’s direction. Aja is drawn to teach because she knows that Pilates not only keeps you in shape, but also gives you tools to live a healthier life. Welcome to the studio, Aja!

Get to Know Aja

Favorite exercise: Knee stretch. I like single and double leg!

Favorite prop: The ring! It’s very effective when placed in between the ankles during feet in straps on the Reformer.

Favorite apparatus: The Chair. I love everything about it.

Favorite way to sneak in leg work: I love using the CoreAlign for inner thigh work.

Favorite way to work the arms: Armwork on the Tower is starting to become my go-to for great looking arms and shoulders.