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Price List & Information

Class Descriptions

Private Appointment

Whether addressing specific body issues or simply desiring an instructor’s undivided attention, you’ll want to book a private lesson. Take a look at the instructor bios to find the right teacher for your individual needs.

Group Multi-Equipment Class

Classes utilize the 3-in-1 Reformer, Mat Station and Tower, Chair, and Pilates Arc, creating a highly effective system for all fitness levels. Classes are capped at six clients, allowing instructors to address each client’s needs and modifications.

Group Mat Class

Your body weight is the primary source of resistance and various props are incorporated to enhance the workout. Mat classes are capped at eight clients and are the floor work version of the Pilates method.


What should I wear?

Wear something you feel comfortable moving in. Capris and long workout pants are great, but no short running shorts please. Socks or bare feet are fine.

I am a beginner. How do I start?

If this is your first time trying Pilates, we highly recommend that you start by scheduling a private lesson with an instructor who can help develop an individualized training plan for you. Afterwards, you can certainly continue with private instruction or move into a group class.

Can I take Pilates if I have a special issue with my body?

Absolutely! Our staff specializes in developing programs and exercise modifications for clients dealing with injuries and other physical issues (i.e. scoliosis, lower back issues and pregnancy). Please book a private appointment first so you can learn appropriate modifications before booking a group class. 

How long do group classes last?

All classes are 50 minutes.

How do I sign up?

For both group classes and private instruction, please register here to schedule your lesson. Class sizes are purposefully kept small so that we may give each client individual attention. You’re welcome to contact the studio if you need assistance registering.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you must cancel your scheduled lesson, please do so 24 hours in advance to avoid a full-service charge. While we understand that unforeseeable circumstances and illnesses do occur, our 24-hour cancellation policy remains in place.


The instructors rock! As a runner, I never stretched properly and Pilates has helped me to balance my body and in turn make me a better, stronger runner. Whenever I walk out of a Pilates class I feel taller, longer, and stronger!

-Heather G.

I feel stronger and my endurance level has increased. I have tried other forms of exercise and I like Pilates better than anything else I have done.

– Beverly H.

The best part about our classes is they are always different and that keeps me wanting to come back for the next class!

– Callie B.

I can see a huge difference in my dancing by doing Pilates. My flexibility has improved by 75%, my strength and endurance is higher, I experience less injury, and my turns and movements are so much quicker and sharper thanks to the strength that I have developed in my core.

– Tracy C.

I love Pilates! I enjoyed it before I was pregnant and am also really enjoying it now that I am six months pregnant. I think it is relaxing and fun! For someone who does not enjoy working out, this is something I love and look forward to.

– Ashley S.

My back has felt the best it has ever felt after one session. I totally forgot to take my anti-inflammatory the night of the class because I did not notice the pain at all!

– Lynn H.

Because of the small class size and general one on one interest of every instructor with their clients, I really feel like I am wanted here and cared for and not just a random client in a huge class.

– Kathryn S.

Pilates is so helpful for my body and its condition. Due to several health issues, I feel Pilates is a beneficial and necessary exercise for me.

– Mary N.