Teaching Philosophy

At Spiral Spine Pilates we inform, inspire, and ignite our clients to live the life they want. We believe that movement is often the missing piece to loving your life and achieving your goals. No matter what challenges you, be it scoliosis or a sore knee, our Pilates instructors can help you ignite the path to a new life. Ready to get started? Give our client care coordinator a call at 615-891-7118.

  • Inform yourself. You have the power to change your life through Pilates. Our Pilates instructors have gone through a 400+ hour training program and have a deep knowledge of anatomy. They are prepared to help you understand what ails you, achieve your goals, and live a better life through movement.
  • Inspire others. Many of our clients have overcome significant obstacles and have used Pilates to live happier, pain-free lives. They know that movement truly does heal and is often the missing piece in a routine. You can follow in their footsteps. Our instructors will help you see how this is possible from your first lesson.
  • Ignite your passion. Do you want to improve your fitness by building a stronger core? Are you a dancer who wants to turn faster? Are you a scoli client who wants to stand straighter? No matter your passion or goal, Spiral Spine Pilates can help you achieve it.
Client Care

At Spiral Spine Pilates, client satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and what sets us apart. Whether you are a new client or an established one, please reach out at any time to let us know how we can help.

Kate Fleming, Client Care Coordinator

Kate provides quality customer service designed to make our clients’ lives easier. She works with new clients to help them get started at Spiral Spine Pilates, finding the best fit of class and teacher, and handles questions from clients old and new.

Erin Myers, Director of Spiral Spine Pilates

In addition to her regular clients, Erin performs the initial assessment for clients with complex needs, helping them construct a movement plan to achieve their goals at the studio.

Ready to book your first lesson? There are three easy ways:

The instructors rock! As a runner, I never stretched properly and Pilates has helped me to balance my body and in turn make me a better, stronger runner. Whenever I walk out of a Pilates class I feel taller, longer, and stronger!

-Heather G.

I feel stronger and my endurance level has increased. I have tried other forms of exercise and I like Pilates better than anything else I have done.

– Beverly H.

The best part about our classes is they are always different and that keeps me wanting to come back for the next class!

– Callie B.

I can see a huge difference in my dancing by doing Pilates. My flexibility has improved by 75%, my strength and endurance is higher, I experience less injury, and my turns and movements are so much quicker and sharper thanks to the strength that I have developed in my core.

– Tracy C.