I’m excited to share news about my new collaboration with Fusion Pilates EDU. I’ve teamed up with them to bring you several virtual workshops on analyzing scoliosis. My first workshop is debuting today.

My 2-hour workshop covers how to safely and effectively work with scoli clients. It includes instruction on specific techniques and tools from how to perform a hands-on spinal and pelvic assessment to diagramming the body and using a scoliometer to measure spinal rotation. I also talk about how to strengthen and mobilize the spine, which leads to decreased pain and discomfort, ultimately allowing a client to live their fullest life. Finally, scoliosis-specific exercises are taught as well as how to handle the emotional aspects of scoli, an area that often gets overlooked.

My workshop is perfect for anyone who is in need of continuing education credits with the Pilates Method Alliance or who wants to learn more about working with scoliosis clients and providing them success and hope.

Today only, Fusion Pilates EDU is offering a $10 discount. To take advantage, simply create your free account, enter promo code “ANALYZE” at checkout and click “apply.” Start learning today.

Already watched the workshop? I’d love to hear what you think or answer any questions you have.