My second online workshop with, Scoliosis Spinal Fusion, was released today!

In this online 2-hour workshop, I teach the specific set of challenges spinal fusions can present and how to work with clients that have them, dispelling any misconceptions that those with spinal fusions can’t practice Pilates. You will learn the spinal fusion movement rules to ensure you can confidently keep your fusion clients safe while working them out. I also cover analysis of the spinal curvatures and rotations still present after fusion surgery.

My workshop is perfect for anyone who is in need of continuing education credits with the Pilates Method Alliance or who wants to learn more about working with spinal fusion clients and providing them success and hope.

Today only, Fusion Pilates EDU is offering a $10 discount. To take advantage, simply create your free account, enter promo code “FUSION” at checkout and click “apply.” Start learning today.

If you haven’t watched my Analyzing Scoliosis workshop with Fusion Pilates EDU, you can watch the trailer here. Analyzing Scoliosis will teach you how to safely and effectively work out scoli clients and is currently available for purchase.

Enjoy my new workshop,