Spiral Spine Workshops with Erin Myers

Do you know how to plan a successful lesson for a first-time scoli client when armed with only an X-ray and a five-minute phone conversation? Can you not only plan that first lesson, but also make a subsequent plan of action so that person becomes a client of yours for life? Accomplishing this may seem overwhelming, but Erin Myers has the knowledge and skill to give you the confidence to boldly and safely work with scoliotic clients.

The Spiral Spine scoliosis workshops were created to fit any allotment of time, from 2-hours to a full weekend, and any setting including conferences and studios. Each workshop is progressive and includes the content of the previous workshops.

Erin is currently booked for workshops for the following dates and locations:

Analyzing ScoliosisFebruary 23, 2019Destin, FL Studio Blue
Analyzing ScoliosisJuly 6-7, 2019Seoul, South Korea Bonum Pilates
Analyzing ScoliosisJuly 19, 2019Boston, MA Pilates on Tour


“Erin knows Scoli! At age 34, I was diagnosed by a Sports Med Doctor: Scoliosis. That day he told me to stop exercising immediately! WOW! I had been instructing aerobics & stretch classes for nearly five years. I’d found my niche and refused to stop. After a bit of “back-and-forth” the doctor “gave in.” That was 33 years ago; I’m still exercising, teaching and loving it! I have taken A TON of education courses: some good; some great. Erin’s is fantastic. Erin knows scoli. She educates via an informative, personal and professional workshop. She involves each participant, encourages and answers questions. I endorse Erin Myers and plan to continue studying with her.”Marla Musyt, RYT,, AFAA certified 20 years, Fully Certified Stott Pilates® Instructor, Kundalini Yoga 1986, second generation of Yogi Bhajan
“LOVED this workshop. Learned so much usable information. Thanks Erin for providing such well organized information in a very fun way.”Leslie Mitchell, Pilates instructor, owner of White Cloud Pilates West studio
“Erin’s Analyzing Scoliosis workshop was wonderful, education and fun. I learned so much information about scoliosis and new ways to help my clients. 5-stars!!!”Gayle Lehman, Pilates instructor, owner of The Pilates Connexion studio
“The class was fantastic. The instructor, Erin, was lively and energetic, which helped the class move along. There was a balance of movement, and hands-on experience and lecture. The creative use of props such as dots and kitchen pads was great. Erin broke down and repeated the important points over and over again throughout class. At the end of class I had them memorized. I walked away with the knowledge to apply to lessons with students, and walked away a better instructor. It was a great class.”Mei Wong, Pilates and Yoga instructor

Diagramming Scoliosis workshop

2 hours

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll experience Erin’s unique approach to analyzing a scoliotic body using analytical tools that will help you understand the complexities of spinal curvatures and rotations. You’ll learn to perform a hands-on spinal and pelvic assessment, diagram a scoliotic body, place pads correctly while exercising, and use a scoliometer to measure spinal rotation. You’ll also learn how to track the de-rotation and lessening of a scoliotic spinal curvature so you can confidently monitor the long-term progress of a scoliotic spine.

Scoliosis Movement Principles workshop

4 hours • Diagramming Scoliosis, plus:

The result is Erin Myers’ Scoliosis Movement Principles, consisting of:

  • Increasing Proprioception
  • Creating Length within the Spine
  • Rib Cage Breathing and De-Rotation of the Spine
  • Focusing on Plumb Lines
  • Mobilizing the Spine
  • Utilizing Core Muscles

The analysis method taught in the Diagramming Scoliosis workshop provides the foundation to properly explore these additional principles. The goal is to help the spine find a more neutral alignment, and reduce the pain and discomfort felt by those with scoliosis, allowing them to live their life to the fullest.

Analyzing Scoliosis workshop

6 hours • Diagramming Scoliosis, Scoliosis Movement Principles, plus:

This workshop will allow you to fine-tune your scoliotic client’s individual exercise regimen by incorporating proven medical research into your teachings. Convex and concave muscles are explored in depth, along with typical areas of musculature that affect the spine. You’ll learn how to test a client’s strength and flexibility in these areas, in addition to mastering exercises that can create bilateral symmetry in a scoliotic back.

Erin will also address the emotional aspects of scoli, giving you the tools to educate and inspire your clients.

“I recently had the privilege of hosting Analyzing Scoliosis with Erin Myers at our studio. Erin arrived ready to share all of the wisdom she has gained on her journey through working with clients with Scoliosis as well as managing it in her own body. Her passion for this topic is evident and contagious. Erin presented complicated information in an easy to understand way by taking us through 3 phases: analyzing scoliosis in which she helped us to “see” each client’s scoli and recognize that every spine is unique, developing movement principles to work with the individual needs of the Scoliosis client, and finally creating each clients combination of releasing and strengthening to unlock their spine and create freedom of movement. This is not a cookie cutter approach to working with clients, but a way to to think about how all of the tools that we have in our Pilates and Movement Principles toolboxes can help clients to improve their strength, keep moving, and find more ease in their body. Erin also impressed upon us the emotional challenges that many clients experience and emphasized how important our use of positive language in working with all of our clients. The participants were energetic and engaged throughout the workshop and many of them commented to me that this was the “best workshop they have ever attended “. Thank you, Erin for bringing this work into the world. It was beyond my expectations (and they were pretty high 😉).”Amy Phillips, Balanced Body Master Instructor, CPI-PMA

Comprehending Scoliosis workshop

12 hours, 2-day workshop • Diagramming Scoliosis, Scoliosis Movement Principles, Analyzing Scoliosis, plus:

Comprehending Scoliosis, Spiral Spine’s most complete workshop to date, combines the elements from each of Erin Myers’ scoliosis workshop offerings into an intensive, 2-day work session. This invaluable training will give you the tools as a Pilates instructor to allow you to quickly develop a game plan when that first-time scoliosis client walks into your studio for a lesson.

Day two of Comprehending Scoliosis starts with a scoliosis-focused Mat and/or Reformer Pilates class that embodies the previous day’s work. After the workout, participants will refer to their previously created diagram sketches, and go into greater depth on structuring an scoliosis client’s initial lesson. A game plan for subsequent lessons is also covered, along with ways to eventually integrate a scoliosis client into a group class setting.

Common diagnoses seen in conjunction with scoliosis, including leg length discrepancy, osteoporosis, and hypermobility, are also covered. You’ll learn how to effectively work with those conditions and others, such as back bracing and spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis. You’ll finish the workshop by exploring a variety of real-life, scoliosis case studies, which will truly help you comprehend how to work with scoliosis clients.