Photo credit: Nate Kula

Excerpted from E! Online:

Models seem to be flawless in every way, right?! Whether they have perfectly toned bodies or naturally gorgeous faces, it’s like they have it all!

And Martha Hunt, a longtime model for Free People who was also named as one of the new Victoria’s Secret Angels, is one of them. But she has a not-so-secret secret: She struggles with Scoliosis, a curvature of the spine that can often be very painful. But Hunt doesn’t let her diagnosis affect her or her career the way it could. In fact, she makes exercise a top priority to stave off the pain.

“Fitness is very important to me because it helps give me a routine when I travel,” she explains to the fashion company while posing for the You May Have Heard Her look book. “It gives me one hour of ‘me’ time, and passes the time when I’m lonely. Living with Scoliosis serves as a constant reminder to keep my core and back strong. If I get lazy, I feel it in my back first.”

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